Winter well Kinda

Generally as a cyclist I dread January and February in Utah, although snow and cold is beautiful and makes for the greatest skiing on earth it means endless hours on the indoor trainer or as most would prefer to call it self inflicted torture.  Ok, its not that bad really you get to watch a lot of TV, or you can join Plan 7 House of Watts run by Coach Dave Harward ( and if your lucky me as an instructor).  But 2015 is Has been a little different its been closer to 60's most days the last month than to the normal 20 to 30's.  It been amazing and made me feel a bit like some one from NorCal and for the first time in a couple winters I haven't wanted to leave for Cali or any warm southerner place. Any way it has been a pretty good winter so far with lots of Audible being listened to, tans lines starting a bit early and still fully stocked on Embro. The impending drought doesn't seem to bad right now I've been enjoying my semi-green grass these past few weeks and I fight to keep it green during the summer any way if every one else has brown grass too it will just save me a lot of time.