San Dimas, Redlands, Joe Martin and Life.

Of course im like 3 months behind on my blog.  Well because i have no real good reason other than school and way to many shows that im watching on hulu and netflix. ( let me know if you need a recommendation).  Anyway the first racing block of the season is over for me while im home for a few weeks training for the next big block.  

So looking back to the fist few races ill give you some highlights not to be to boring.  First was Team camp in Florida.  it was pretty fun getting to meet the whole team lots of new riders with lots of stuff to learn. Florida is pretty cool except for the crummy drivers, humidity, old people and apparently no one their drinks fresca ( im on a fresca kick right now).  Leaving florida we headed strait o cali for the San Dimas stage race.  First night in cali we had a fun trip in a hooker van to Englewood to lets say a pretty sketchy hotel.  With a few of the guys freaking out and rented a car to get out of there i did the noble thing and left all the young new guys for the comfort of our host house in San Dimas Tom.  ( sorry again Dan, Jake and Jake). 


team camp Tampa 

team camp Tampa 

The race went ok for the first real race as a team together. It was a bummer that  Jake and Jake both crashed out during the road race.  Then we spent the next week chilling in San dimas at our awesome host Tom Mee's house. it was a great week training on GMR and baldy getting ready for redlands. 

Redlands as always is one of the best races of the year. The community is so involved and the organization is always top notch, not to mention that it is the first race on the National Race Calendar so every one come to it with guns a blaz'in.  Day one was highland Circut race the teams plan was to set up Clay for the Sprint ( since Bretch was out with a broken collarbone) while Sitler and I were suppose to try and get in any potential moves that went away and get some KOM points if possible.  On the first lap I was right close to the front so when we went up the climb for the first KOM points is was right there and just went for it although doing so pretty much killed me for the next 8 ish laps of the race there was no way i was going for the second KOM points but lucky Sitler was all over the moves that went during that time.  He was brought back and lucky for me I was again in the right spot and got in the next move 5 of us rolled away and when the next KOM chance came they were not all that interested so i went for it again taking second because Brendan Rhim was up the road ( the kid is on fire).  The break got caught with about 2 laps to go.  As I came through the finish I thought got the KOM jersey but I wasnt sure we waited around and sure enough I got the jersey.  I was super stoked to say the least.  Now it was time to defend it.  

11150249_874581629244878_6338591400539648941_n (2).jpg

Sounds easy but well it is not.  Stage 3 was the next place that there were KOM points for grab and well all I can say it OUCH!.  I went for the points both times blowing way to much energy way before the KOM and didnt end up with any points and was pretty disappointed.  One thing about racing that is awesome about it that after every race you can learn something and well I can say i learned alot.  Ive never been in the position to defend like that and although I failed miserably i learned alot and will be a better rider because of it.  the rest of the race was relatively uneventful but as always a blast. 

Joe Martin Is always fun and fast has crazy sprint finishes. This year was no different other than i was mush more confident in the front of the field drilling it with the sprinters and their teams. It felt just like all those one board camera videos that are going around ( here) yelling, throwing elbows and shoulders it pretty awesome and terrifying, there seemed to be lots of crashes ( clay went down to break another wrist) but lucky I want involved in any and had a great race sprinting to 13th on one stage.  For sure a confidence boost that I can hang and sprint.  

Now im home with my awesome Wife and dog just training before I leave to nationals.  Im really not good at this blog stuff so leave me feed back on how to make it more interesting or worth reading one day i might be ok at doing it.  till next time